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 Post subject: Characters of the Realms
PostPosted: Mon Dec 31, 2012 3:49 pm 
Ranger Lord
Ranger Lord
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This thread is for the following players only:

Computer +1

Fellers, please place your character sheets and information in this thread.

Character Creation:

> Core Books: Players Handbook, Dungeon Masters Guide, Tome of Magic, and the "Complete" guides.
> Core Classes: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Druid, Illusionist, Fighter, Monk, Paladin, Ranger, Thief, Wizard. Multi-class characters are acceptable. Kits are optional but not required.
> Core Races: Respect the level limits as dictated in the PHB...for now. Should this game continue and your non-human character "level out," we will discuss options at that time.

Rolling the dice:
> 4d6 - drop lowest, arrange to suit your character choice.
> Hit Points: All characters will receive maximum hit points at 1st level. Thereafter, you may roll, or take average hit points instead:
Hit Die Average Hit Points
d4 3
d6 4
d8 5
d10 6
d12 7
(Don't forget to add in your CON bonuses!)

Starting Equipment/Gold/Magic:
> Max gold for 1st level.
> Each character will begin play with one magic item. Roll 1d6 to determine which list, then roll from the lists below:

On a roll of 1-4:
Potion (roll d20):
1/ Animal Control
2/ Clairaudience
3/ Clairvoyance
4/ Climbing
5/ Diminution
6/ Fire Resistance
7/ Flying
8/ Gaseous Form
9/ Growth
10/ Healing
11/ Heroism
12/ Invisibility
13/ Invulnerability
14/ Levitation
15/ Oil of Impact
16/ Plant Control
17/ Polymorph Self
18/ Speed
19/ Super-Heroism
20/ Sweet Water

On a roll of 5 or 6:
Minor Magic Weapons/Items: (Roll d100)
01-80 - +1 Ranged Weapon (arrow, bolt, sling bullet, dart; half-dozen)
81-95 - Bracers of Defense AC7, Shield +1, or Melee Weapon +1 (your choice)
96-00 - Ring of Protection +1, Boots of Elvenkind, Quaal's Feather Token: Tree, or Heward's Handy Haversack (your choice)

Armor, Weapons, and Miscellaneous Equipment:
There are hundreds of items in the Arms & Equipment Guide, Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue, and various other sources. It might be simpler just to say that if there is an item you want your character to have that is not in one of these sources, just let me know and we'll work it out. Cool?

As first level characters (for most of you), you will be on your first real adventure. Therefore, you need to create your your character, not with seasoned knowledge of every proficiency, spell, or weapon combination available, but as a novice who will learn as you go. This initial adventure is near, on, and possibly under the sea, so think about that when choosing skills and proficiencies.
Regarding alignment (and personality), try to remember that you are heroes (at least in the making), and you are trying to work together to some goal. Most alignments work well together, with the exception of CN, CE, NE - these really do not fit well within a group. IMO, alignment is usually not a big deal - even the "goodest" person may react in an "evil" manner in a certain situation. And it is certainly possible for a good-aligned party to work with an evil NPC...if they are working together toward the same "good" goal.
Character background is important to me. In fact, it can lead (not always) to further adventures, as I've mentioned before. Therefore, spend a few minutes, not hours, developing an interesting history/background including some goals for your character. And please don't forget that your character is a form in a computer game, and sometimes your goals and best laid plans may not work out. If your character gets piledrived by a giant, well, he's probably dead.



> Armor allowed: Leather, Leather Coat, Padded. May also use a Buckler Shield w/o penalty.


> Healing spells add 1 hit point per level of the cleric.
> May use the favored weapon of their deity regardless of class restrictions.
> Turn undead - max range 60 feet.


> Druids may be Neutral Good, Neutral, or (in the case of NPC's) Neutral Evil.
> Healing spells add 1 hit point per level of the druid.
> Druids may use the favored weapon of their deity regardless of class restrictions.
> Armor allowed: Leather, Leather Coat, Hide; may also use a small wooden shield w/o penalty.
> When a druid changes form (into a bird, reptile, or mammal), he/she retains the ability to speak; however, he/she cannot cast spells while in animal form.
> Spell casting option: Since druids are elemental in nature, I believe they are "in touch" with the primal forces of their deity. Thus, they may gain bonus spells for high wisdom like clerics do OR they may forgo the bonus spells for being allowed to cast ANY spell from the druid spell list as needed. This means they would not have to prepare for spells ahead of time and may cast spells from the druid list per their class limitations.


> Specialization (see Chapter 5 - Proficiencies (Optional) in the PHB)


> Minimum requirements: Intelligence 13, Dexterity 13
> Read Magic is a class ability and usable at will.
> Weapons allowed: club, dagger, dart, knife, staff; although many illusionists view most weapons as vulgar and may refuse to use them at all!
> +1 on saves to illusion spells and effects.
> Very adept at detecting illusions/deceptions/concealed items (including doors). This ability increases in levels:
1st Level: 10% chance of spotting a concealed door or illusion effect.
4th Level: 15% chance of spotting a concealed door or illusion effect.
8th Level: 25% chance of spotting a concealed door or illusion effect.
12th Level: 50% chance of spotting a concealed door or illusion effect.
> Bonus spells: With a high intelligence score, an illusionist gains bonus spells per this chart:
- Intelligence 13-15 = 1 extra 1st level spell.
- Intelligence 16-17 = 1 extra 2nd level spell.
- Intelligence 18+ = 1 extra 3rd level spell.


> Read Magic is a class ability and usable at will.
> Weapons allowed: club, dagger, dart, knife, staff.
> Elven magic-users may wear elven chainmail (if available) with no penalty to spellcasting.
> Bonus spells: With a high intelligence score, a magic-user gains bonus spells per this chart:
- Intelligence 13-15 = 1 extra 1st level spell.
- Intelligence 16-17 = 1 extra 2nd level spell.
- Intelligence 18+ = 1 extra 3rd level spell.


> Paladins may begin play with a Charisma of 15 or higher.
> Paladins are not entitled to bonus spells due to high wisdom.
> Paladins cannot dual-class. If a paladin character wants to start over with a new class, the paladin class abilities are lost. Likewise the paladin class cannot be chosen as a second career.
> Paladin casting level starts at 1 at the level at which they acquire spells (9), and increments by 1 for each level thereafter to a maximum of 9 (at 17th).


> Armor allowed: Chain Shirt, Leather, Leather Coat, Padded, Studded Leather.
> Rangers may only cast druidic spells; they are not in tune with the arcane. They also benefit from the druid option of casting spells w/o preparation (see above).
> Rangers have limited healing abilities regulated to wounds and certain natural poisons. Under their care, the victim heals faster and has a greater chance of recovering from being poisoned. Note the following chart:

Levels Healing Poison
1-4 Doubled 20% to identify and treat
5-8 Tripled 30% to identify and treat
9+ Quadrupled 50% to identify and treat

Any thoughts about Animal Companions and Favored Enemies?


> Armor allowed: Leather, Leather Coat, Padded. May also use a Buckler Shield w/o penalty to their thieving abilities.
> Thieves may not use two-handed weapons.

Multi-Class Benefits and Restrictions

A multi-class character always uses the most favorable combat value and the best saving throw from his different classes.

The character's hit points are the average of all his Hit Dice rolls. When the character is first created, the player rolls hit points for each class separately, totals them up, then divides by the number of dice rolled (round fractions down). Any Constitution bonus is then added to the character's hit points. If one of the character's classes is fighter and he has a Constitution of 17 or 18, then he gains the +3 or +4 Constitution bonus available only to warriors (instead of the +2 maximum available to the other character classes).
Later the character is likely to gain levels in different classes at different times. When this happens, roll the appropriate Hit Die and divide the result by the number of classes the character has (round fractions down, but a Hit Die never yields less than 1 hit point). The character's Constitution bonus is split between his classes; thus, a fighter/mage gets ½ of his Con bonus when he goes up a level as a fighter and the other ½ of the Con bonus when he goes up a level as a mage. A fighter/mage/thief would get 1/3 of his bonus when he goes up as a fighter, 1/3 when he goes up as a mage, and the other 1/3 when he goes up as a thief.

If the optional proficiency system is used, the character starts with the largest number of proficiency slots of the different classes. Thereafter, he gains new proficiency slots at the fastest of the given rates. To determine the character's initial money, roll according to the most generous of the character's different classes.

Rupert's character, Morrison the Multi-Faceted, is a half-elf fighter/mage/thief. At 1st level, Morrison rolls three dice for hit points: 1d10 (fighter), 1d6 (thief), and 1d4 (mage). The results are 6, 5, and 2. Their sum (13) is divided by three and rounded down to equal 4 (13/3=4-1/3=4). Morrison begins the game with 4 hit points. Later, Morrison reaches 2nd level as a thief before he reaches 2nd level as a fighter or a mage. He rolls 1d6 for additional hit points and the result is 4. He divides this by 3 (because he has three classes) and rounds down. Morrison gets 1 more hit point when he becomes a 2nd-level thief. (He will also roll 1d10 and 1d4 [both rolls divided by 3] when he reaches 2nd level as a fighter and as a mage, respectively.)

Multi-class characters can combine abilities from their different classes with the following restrictions:
Warrior: A multi-classed warrior can use all of his abilities without restriction. The warrior abilities form the base for other character classes.

Priest: Regardless of his other classes, a multi-classed priest must abide by the weapon restrictions of his mythos. Thus, a fighter/cleric can use only bludgeoning weapons (but he uses the warrior combat value). He retains all his normal priest abilities.

Wizard: A multi-classed wizard can freely combine the powers of the wizard with any other class allowed, although the wearing of armor is restricted. Elves wearing elven chain can cast spells in armor, as magic is part of the nature of elves. However, elven chain is extremely rare and can never be purchased. It must be given, found, or won.

Thief: A multi-classed thief cannot use any thieving abilities other than open locks or detect noise if he is wearing armor that is normally not allowed to thieves. He must remove his gauntlets to open locks and his helmet to detect noise.

Miscellaneous Stuff:


Not an option for a player character.

Language Acquisition

I don't use alignment languages, so instead you can pick any language that you can find a teacher for in addition to thieves’ and druidic cants.

Winter is coming...


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Nökrugh - Level 2 Half-Orc Fighter (Berserker) - Hedges Forgotten Realms HP 29/29 AC:3

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 02, 2013 11:38 am 
Ranger Lord
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Stats: STR:15, INT:13, DEX:18, WIS:13, CHR:13, CON:14
magic item:
[1d20] = 5
[1d100] = 33
= +1 arrows, sweet!

Name: Darkstar
Class: Sylvan Elf Archer
Level: 4

Alignment: Neutral
Race: Elf
Gender: Male
Age: 120
Height: 4' 7"
Weight: 105
Hair: Black
Eyes: Hazel

XP : 10465 (as of 7/28/14)
Next: ,000

AC: 8 leather armor (-4 Dex) 4
Hit Points (Current/Max): 19/19
Base Movement: 12"
Modified Move: "

Thac0: 18

STR: 15 (HitProb -, Dmg Adj -, Weight Allow 55, Max Press, 170, Open door, 8, BB/LG 7%)
DEX: 19 (React. +3, Attack +3, Def -4)
CON: 13 (hp 0, SS 85%, RS 80%, PS 0, Regen -)
INT: 13 (Lang 3, ill imm-)
WIS: 13(Mag Def Adj 0, Spell Imm -)
CHR: 13 (Max Hench 5, LB 0, RA +1)

Saving Throws:
Aimed Magic Items: 16
Breath Weapons: 17
Death, Paralysis, Poison: 14
Petrification, Polymorph: 15
Spells: 17

Weapon Proficiency:
Composite Short Bow (specialized) (+3 to hit, +1 racial bonus, additional +2 point at blank range)
Long Bow (proficient)
Short Bow (proficient)
Knife (proficient) 1d3/1d2
*flight arrow 1d6

Non-Weapon Proficiency:
Bowyer/Fletcher (dex -1)
Hunting (wis -1)
Survival (int 0)
Tracking (wis)

Composite Bow

Quiver 1 (on back)
Silver Tipped Flight Arrows (10)
Arrows of Faerie Fire (2) orange fletching

Quiver 2 (on back)
Flight Arrows (20)

Knife (2 - one of belt, one in boot)
Leather armor
Cloak (waterproof)

Belt pouch #1
Coin from Cumber (used)
Trail Rations (1)

Belt pouch #2
Spare Bow strings (4) (in pouch #2)
Bowstringer (in pouch #2)

Waterskin (Full)

Special Abilities:
• Infravision
• 90% resistant to sleep- and charm-related spells. Even if they fail a check, they get the save usual for such spells.
• Sylvan elves easily befriend natural woodland creatures. Unlike rangers, however, wood elves can only perform this trick with woodland creatures; against a desert lion, they must be as careful as any other being.
With the natural creatures of the woodlands, the wood elves' power is especially useful. Unless the animal is already hostile, sylvan elves can automatically shift its reaction by two categories. This ability applies only to natural forest creatures. It is not a charm spell and cannot be used to enthrall creatures of the forest. Creatures friendly to the elf will not accompany him unless persuaded somehow. The ability does not work on monsters.
• Elves gain a special bonus with bows, excluding crossbows. When firing a bow, an elf gains a +1 to attack rolls. This does not apply to damage unless a specially made bow is used that takes advantage of a Strength bonus.
• Elves move through forests and other natural terrain silently and almost invisibly. As long as elves are not attacking, they can only be spotted by someone who can spy invisible objects. When elves move through the woods, if they are careful, they will appear only as shadows of the leaves of trees, dancing in the undergrowth. This is of immense value to elves, who can thus gather information about their enemies—enemies who often do not even suspect an elven presence.
• Finally, elves have the ability to give their enemies a –4 penalty to a surprise roll if the elf is: 1) moving alone, 2) is 90 feet away from the rest of their party, or 3) is with other elves or halflings and all are in nonmetal armor. If the elf must open a door or screen to get to the enemy, the penalty is reduced to –2.
•The Archer is an expert with her style of bow. In combat, the Archer may elect to do one of two things. She may either fire faster than most are able to, or she may use a bonus on trick shots.
If she elects to fire faster, she may take an extra shot every two rounds. That means the rate of fire becomes 5/2, rather than the usual 2/1. This still includes her movement. If she chooses to stand still and fire, she may increase her rate of fire to 3/1; however, this enables enemy archers to target her more easily.
If she elects to go with trick shots, she not only gains the usual bonus for specialization and high Dexterity, she also gains a +1 to each shot for every four experience levels.
If the Archer keeps and cares for a bow for more than a month and keeps her arrows sharpened to a keen edge, she may cause 1 hp of additional damage when using these items. If using a different bow or new arrows, she does not gain the bonus. It can only be used with familiar, well-cared-for equipment.

Languages: Sylvan Elven, Common,

pp: 0
gp: 25
ep: 0
sp: 0
cp: 0

Background: Darkstar was named by his parents after a star that disappeared from the sky on the night he was born. The youngest in a long line of archers, he was trained from a young age to make the bow and arrow a part of his body. Returning from a scouting mission he was struck from behind and knocked unconscious by an unknown foe. When he regained consciousness he found his entire clan dead, his village destroyed. Even with his tracking and wilderness skills he was unable to determine the attackers or any reason for the desolation. Alone and aimless he has been wandering trying to find answer and purpose.

Appearance: Darkstar is short and thin with hard corded muscles from years of work and training. His hair is long, held back by a leather cord. His clothing and gear are all the colors of the forest. His bow and weapons show decades of care and use. He is never without his bow, it is a part of him. He moves with blinding speed and a natural grace.

Vorsyin Qoherys, 10th level Mage, Against the Giants
Tumbler Metalcaster, 7th level Thief, Ravenloft

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Name: Greystone
Class: Scout
Level: 5

Alignment: Chaotic Good
Race: Sylvan Elf (Lynx clan)
Gender: Male
Age: 155
Height: 5'4"
Weight: 135
Hair: White
Eyes: light grey

Base XP: 14634
With 10% Bonus: 16097
Next: 20,000

AC: 1 (Bracers AC6, Ring of Protection +1, DEX)/5 (Bracers/Ring)
Current HP: 24
Total HP: 24
Movement: 12" (base)

THAC0: 18

Str: 17 (+1 To Hit, +1 Dmg, 85lb weight allowance)
Int: 14 (+4 non-weapon proficiencies)
Wis: 8 (n/a)
Dex: 18 (+2 Reaction, +2 Missile, -4 AC)
Con: 11
Cha: 9

Saving Throws
Para/Poison/Death: 12 (Periapt of Poison Protection makes save vs. poison = 11)
Rod/Staff/Wand: 12
Petrifaction/Polymorph: 11
Breath Weapon: 15
Spell: 13

Weapon Proficiencies (3):
Short Bow
Long Sword

Non-Weapon Proficiencies (7):
Observation (Int)
Leatherworking (Int)
Survival (Int)
Ancient History (Int -1)
Appraising (Int)
Set Snares (Dex -1)

Class Skills:
Backstab: x3 damage
Pick Pockets: 30%
Open Locks: 50%
Find/Remove Traps: 80%
Move Silently: 65%
Hide in Shadows: 50%
Detect Noise: 35%
Climb Walls: 60%
Read Languages: 0%

Racial Skills/Bonuses:
- 90% resistance to Sleep- and Charm-related spells
- +1 To Hit with longsword and short bow
- Infravision, 60'
- Passive Concealed Doors (1 in 6), Active Secret Doors (2 in 6), Active Concealed Doors (3 in 6)

Inventory (~40lbs):
Long Sword (15gp, 4lb, 1d8/1d12)
Short Bow (30gp, 2lb)
Quiver (8sp, 1lb)
Sheaf Arrow (20) (1d6/1d6)
Dagger +2 1d4+2/1d3+2
Dagger (2gp, 1lb, 1d4/1d3)

Backpack (2gp, 2lb)
- 50' silk rope (10gp, 8lb)
- 100' silk cord, black
- (2) Map Cases (16sp, 1lb)
- quiver, 1814 silver-tipped sheaf arrows, 2 standard sheaf arrows (strapped to outside of pack)
- three weeks elven rations
- Potion of Growth (3/4 full)
- Potion of Extra Healing

Belt Pouch, Large (1gp, 1lb)
- Thieves' Tools (30gp)
- Flint/Steel (5sp)
- Small Metal Mirror (10gp)
Belt Pouch, Small (7sp, 1/2lb)
- (32) spare bow strings
- Small Brass Bell (clapper tied off) (1gp)
- (5) piece of chalk (5cp)
- Signal Whistle (8sp)
Waterproof cloak

Coin: 4gp, 9sp, 5cp
Coin (Treasure): 0pp, 10gp, 33sp, 0cp
- (2) Malachite @ 10gp ea
- (1) Blue Agate @ 10gp
- bag containing 39 sp, 24 gp, 6 pp (to be divided later)

Magic Items:
- Periapt of Poison Protection +1 - +1 to all Poison saves (piece of onyx with strange runes carved on it)
- Dagger +2
- Potion of Growth (3/4 full)
- Potion of Extra Healing
- Bracelet of the Forest
- Bracers AC6
- Thumb Ring of Protection +1
- Arrow of Dispelling (dispels one conjured or summoned creature if hit)

Currently holding the following party items:
- Potion of Speed
- Potion of Invisibility

Personal Notes:
Arrows (22): 22 19 13 11
Silver Arrows (18): 1814

Level Two:
Level Two Hit Dice Roll [1d6] = 6
Listen: +15%
Move Silently:+15%

Level Three:
Level Three Hit Dice Roll [1d6] = 6
Open Locks: 15%
Find/Remove Traps: 15%

Level Four:
Level 4 Hit Points [1d6] = 1 (ah, poo) Taking the half average HP increase from Level four onward.
Open Locks: 15%
Find/Remove Traps: 15%

Level Five:
HP: 3 (Half average HP increase)
Move Silently: 10%
Hide In Shadows: 10%
Find/Remove Traps: 10%

Bracelet of the Forest - Allows some control over plants and the ability to speak with them
Ideas for use:
Use like Entangle spell to create a delayed trap for anyone following.
Use to Pass Without Trace.
Use to Speak With Plants to determine what might be in the area, what may have passed, where to find shelter, etc.

200 (gnolls)
100 (RP)
300 (trolls)
200 (RP)
300 (wolves/werewolves)
250 (Quest Completion)
2000 (DM Bonus viewtopic.php?p=41431#p41431)
100 (RP)
200 (ogres/wolves)
25 (wolves)
1200 (killing Feldar and company)
70 (hobgoblins)
500 (young hill giant)
100 (interactions with Lady of the Forest)
200 (Bloodbone orcs)
50 (orcs)
300 (wolves and giants)
365 (one year anniversary)
300 (forest troll)
1300 (portal daemons)
1375 (dark robes/cambian)

Dragon foot. Bamboo pole. Little mouse. Tiny boy.

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Location: Virginia

Level: 4 XP/Next lvl: 10670/13000
Alignment: Lawful Neutral
AC:reg/rear/no shield 4 / 5 / 5 HP:curr/max 24 / 24
Gender: Male Race: Dwarf
Age: 70 Height: 4' Weight: 170

STR: 16 (+1dmg, 70wgt, 195press, 9(open doors) 10%bars/gates)
INT: 10 (2 Lang, )
WIS: 17 (+3MagDef, 3rd Bonus Spell)
DEX: 10 ()
CON: 15 (+1HP, 90%SS, 94%Res)
CHR: 10 (4 Henchmen)

Saving Throws
Death, Paralysis, Poison: 5
Petrification/Polymorph: 12
Rod, Staff or Wand: 9
Breath: 15
Spell: 10

Warhammer - 1d4+1/1d4
Throwing Hammer - 10-20-30 ; 1d6/1d4
THACO - 18

Qty Item Location
1 Chain Mail Body
1 Small Shield R Arm/Back
1 Warhammer L Arm/Back
3 Throwing Hammers Belt
1 Holy Symbol (Moradin) Neck
1 Backpack Sam
1 50' Rope Sam
5 Candles Belt Pouch
5 Chalk Belt Pouch
2 Flint/Steel Belt Pouch
1 Lg Belt Pouch Belt
5 Oil Flasks Pack
1 Wine Skin Shoulder
1 Mule 'Unstable Sam' -
2 Lg Sadle Bags Sam
2 Lg Sacks Sam
1 Iron Pot Sam
1 Hatchet Pack
1 Bullseye Lantern Pack
1 Small Tent Sam
8 Pitons Pack
1 Week Iron Rations Pack
4 Torches Pack
1 Healing Kit Belt
1 Skin of Elven Honey Mead Belt
1 Waterproof Cloak Pack

Magic Items
Qty Item Location
1 Potion of Diminution x2 Belt
1 Potion of Healing x2 Belt

0 180 0 0 0

Spheres: Major: All,
Level 1 (5) - CLW x5

Level 2 (4) - Hold Person, Silence 15' r, Spiritual Hammer, chant

Special abilities & notes

Saving Throw Bonus +4 vs Rod/Wand/Staves/Spells
Saving Throw Bonus +4 vs Poison
60' Infravision
+1 to hit Orcs/Half-Orcs/Goblins/Hobgoblins
-4 AC against Ogres/Trolls/Ogre-Magi/Giants/Titans

Mining Abilities:
Within 10' Detect the Following:
Grade or Slope 1-5 on d6
New Tunnel or Passage 1-5 d6
Sliding/Shifting Walls/Rooms 1-4 d6
Stone Traps/Pits 1-3 d6
Determine Depth 1-3 d6

Weapon Proficiencies:
Throwing Hammer

Non-Weapon Proficiencies:
Ancient History
Turning Undead


Turn Undead
Skeleton T
Zombie T
Ghoul 4
Shadow 7
Wight 10
Ghast 13
Wraith 16
Mummy 20

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Location: Bay Area, NorCal
Last Updated: 07-12-2014
Update Reason: mark off 1hp damage & restock arrows!

Name: Purvan Vanician
Class: Thief
Level: 2 3 (hasn't trained yet!)
Kit: Investigator
XP (10% bonus): 3,815xp (1,250xp start +100xp (10/12/13) +200xp (12/1/13) +365xp (01/16/14) +300 (02/07/14) +300 (03/01/14) +1,300xp (03/18/14)
Next Level: 2,500xp
Alignment: Neutral Good
Race: Half elf
Gender: Male
Age: 21
Height: 70” Weight: 150 lbs Hair: dark Eyes: greyish green
Languages: common, elvish, gnomish, halfling, goblin, hobgoblin, orc, gnoll & Thieve's Cant

STR: 14 (wgt allow: 55, max press: 170, open doors: 8, bb/lg: 7%)
DEX: 17 (reaction adj: +2, missile attack: +2, defensive adj: -3)
CON: 16 (hp adj: +2, sys shock: 95%, resurrection survival: 96%)
INT: 13 (# of additional languages: 3)
WIS: 11 (normal)
CHA: 17 (max henchmen: 10, loyalty base: +6, reaction adj: +6)

Hit Points (current/max): 15 / 16 (~ 1dam from flying splinters of stone from archway)
AC: 5* (* could be lower when using Tumbling skill)
THAC0: 20
Move: 90 feet (goes to 60 feet when carrying over 90lbs)
Encumbrance: 68.5 lbs

Saving Throws:
Paralyze/Poison/Death: 13
Petrify/Polymorph: 12
Rod/Staff/Wand: 14
Breath Weapon: 16
Spells: 15

Weapon Proficiencies: (2 at start/add 1 every 4 levels)
2 – short sword, dagger
short sword: 1d6 / 1d8
dagger: 1d4 / 1d3 (+2 to hit when thrown)
short bow: 1d6 / 1d6 (-1 to hit)
To hit penalty when fighting 2-handed: 0 primary (short sword) / -2 off hand (dagger) )
Weapon Proficiency Penalty: -3 to hit penalty w/ non-proficient melee weapons (-1 on ranged weapons due to Dex bonus)

Non-weapon Proficiencies: 3 starting/add 1 every 3 levels
Swimming (Strength / 0)
Disguise (Charisma / -1)
Tumbling (Dexterity / 0)

Special Abilities: Thief Class
Skill / Base / Race / Dex / Add pts / Overall
Pick Pockets: 15% +10% +5% - = 30%
Open Locks: 10% - +10% +35%* = 55%
Find/Remove Traps: 5% - - +45%* = 50%
Move Silently: 10% - +5% +5% = 20%
Hide in Shadows: 5% +5% +5% - = 15%
Detect Noise: 15% - - - = 15%
Climb Walls: 60% - - +5% = 65%
Read Languages: 0% - - - = 0%
(* added 30 points for 2nd level)

Backstab: x2 Damage Multiplier

Special Abilities: Half elf
- 60’ Infravision
- 30% resistance to Sleep & Charm spells
- 1 in 6 chance of discovering a concealed door by merely passing
- 2 in 6 chance of finding a secret door if actively searching
- 3 in 6 chance of finding a concealed door if actively searching

Item: cost/encumbrance (lbs)
- Adventurer’s clothes * / -
- Woodland cloak, hooded 8sp / 2.5
- Leather Armor 5gp / 15
- Short sword & scabbard 10gp / 3
- 2 Daggers 2gp/e / 1e
- Elven short bow 30gp / 2
- Quiver, dozen 8sp / 1
- 12 10 Flight arrows (dozen: 6sp / 2.4)
- 10 Flight arrows (tied to backpack)
- Belt 3sp / .3
- Belt pouch, small 7sp / .5
- Belt pouch, large 1gp / 1
- Backpack 2gp / 2
- Bedroll 5sp / 5
- Tent, small 5gp / 10
- Water skin 8sp / 1e(5 full)
- Iron rations, 1 week 10gp / 7.5
- Tinderbox, flint/steel * / 1
- 2 Torches 2cp / 1e
- Lantern, hooded 7gp / 2
- 2 vials lamp oil 12cp / 1e
- 3 wax candles 3cp / *
- Silver Halfling pipe * / *
- Halfling Longbottom leaf * / *
- Thieves' Picks & Tools 30gp / 1
- Case, map or scroll 8sp / .5
- 6 sheets parchment 6gp / *
- Ink flask, small 8gp / .5
- Quill stylus pen 2gp / *
- Signal Whistle 8sp / .5
(* ~ indicates no cost/no appreciable encumbrance/or when worn)

Total Cost: 118gp , 3sp , 7cp

Items Found & Acquired
- small mirror-like oval disk (given him by the Lady of the Forest; formed by raindrops in her hands!)

Armor: 15
Weapons: 10.4
Equipment: 40.5
Coin: 1.6
Magic: 1
Total Encumbrance: 68.5 lbs

Arrows fired: 17 ; Hits: 4 (or 5?), Misses: 13 (or just 12?)
Arrows recovered: given 3 (by Rin's parents at Lynx camp)

Money: (Starting Gold: max: 120gp)
pp: gp: 1 ep: sp: 7 cp: 3

Magic Items:
- Potion of Clairaudience * / 1

Background: A native of Neverwinter, Purvan Vanician grew up in the City of Skilled Hands, putting his talents to use in a variety of ways. He has learned to safely exist in the background of daily life, observing people and events discreetly, but is also easily capable of engaging others in conversation and wit. He admits to being raised by his human father. His elven mother was killed when he was very young, effectively severing his connection to his elven ancestry. One might think a young half-elf like Purvan might go unnoticed by the upper echelon of the city, but not so. In fact, for the past five years, Purvan has been mentored by none other than Elder Reader Salyndra Shaern of the House of Knowledge, the temple of Oghma in Neverwinter. She has watched Purvan closely over the years and has chosen him on more than a few occasions to run errands for her and deliver messages, packages, etc.
Today, however, she has summoned him to meet her in her solar for a very important mission.

Description: At first glance, Purvan appears to be a normal, unassuming-looking human male. The only real hint of his elven ancestry is his pointed ears, which he makes an effort to keep well hidden under hat and hood at all times. He is pretty much non-descript in every other respect. Purvan is usually quiet and reserved, preferring others to do the talking whilst he does the listening and observing, but he is easily capable of matching wit and engaging others in conversation and has spent years refining these skills, which he learned from his father. Although he is said to sometimes associate or travel in what some would call 'questionable circles', the half-elf is almost always courteous and polite to all that come across him and has never been seen stealing from or subjugating the poor or just.

Starting Rolls
(Note: character imported from Corum's defunct Y'raelstra game, with DM's permission!)
Random Starting Item [1d6] = 1 ~ Potion from list
Random Magic Potion at Start: [1d20] = 2 ~ Potion of Clairaudience (just what any investigator would want! 8-) )

Yosef Travathas: High Elf Fighter4/Magic-User3 (rredmond's Pacesetter Games "Legacy of the Unknown" OSRIC Playtest)
Brok Sterling: Human Assassin3 (ToniXX's Incursion into Newiron OSRIC Playtest)
Tanik Tremwoodak: Dwarf Cleric3 (Dave's 1e Skype Game)

DM: home-brew OSRIC "A New Hope to the West" campaign

Fireball... good!!

"What's it gonna take?"

tkrexx as Emm the Avenging Druid wrote:
I shall burn you, and I shall sink your petty warship with fire and lightning, and the ocean shall swallow it and all aboard, and no one will remember any of you!

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PostPosted: Wed Dec 25, 2013 9:26 pm 
Ranger Knight
Ranger Knight
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Joined: Sun Oct 07, 2012 8:25 pm
Posts: 1701
Location: Boston, Mass
Lysander > Human Male Paladin

XP/Next lvl: 5100/ 4,500
HP:curr/max 16 / 16
Alignment: Lawful Good AC:reg/rear/no shield 3 / 6 / 4
Race: Human Level: 2
Age: 21 Height: 6'1
Weight: 163 Gender: Male

STR: 14 (Wt Allow 55; Max Press 170; OD 8; BB/LG 7%)
INT: 9 ( Lang 2; )
WIS: 14 ()
DEX: 11 ()
CON: 11 (SS 75%; RS 80%)
CHR: 17 ( Henchmen 10; Loyalty +6; Reaction +6)

Saving Throws
Death, Paralysis,
Poison: Petrification,
Polymorph: Rod, Staff
or Wand: Breath: Spell:
12 13 14 15 15

Weapon # Att Range Speed Damage sm/l 10 9 8 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 0
Bastard Sword, One-Handed 1 - 6 1d8/1d12 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Bastard Sword, Two-Handed 1 - 8 2d4/2d8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19
Dagger 1 10-20-30 2 1d4/1d3 9 10 1 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19

Qty Item Location
1 Splint Mail + Shield, Small + Basinet = 3 Worn
1 belt; riding boots; breeches; tunic; cloak, good cloth; gloves; sash; tabard; surcoat. Worn
1 dagger sheath and sword scabbard Worn
1 Backpack Worn
1 flint and steel; grappling hook; rope, silk; whetstone. Backpack
1 Belt Pouch Belt
1 Riding Horse: "Brutus" > bit and bridle; saddle; saddle blanket; shoes. Ridden
1 Mule: "Derby" > saddle blanket; saddle bags; back pack. Guided

Add or subtract to the amounts
0 4 0 5 3

Magic Items
Qty Item Location

Special abilities & notes
Weapon Proficiencies
Medium Horse Lance
Bastard Sword

Nonweapon Proficiencies
Riding, Land-Based
Read/Write Chondathan
Local History

61 pounds of weapons and armor (Light)
Movement = 11

Majority of gear stashed on mule. Weapons and armor worn.
Paladin Abilities
1. Detect Evil Intent
2. +2 to all saves
3. Immune to all disease
4. Lay on Hands
5. Cure Disease

(edits: added 300 XP 3/1/2014, added 1300 xp 03/18/2014)

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PostPosted: Fri Feb 28, 2014 8:26 pm 
Ranger Lord
Ranger Lord

Joined: Tue Oct 06, 2009 6:04 pm
Posts: 4164

Dalivere the Dashing
Half Elf
XP: 5,300 +1,375 + 5,000

st - 9
int - 16 (+5 proficiencies,Learn Spell 70%, Max spells 11)
wis - 11 (
dex -17 (+2 Missile, -3 AC)
con - 15 (+1 HP)
chm - 14 (+1 loyalty, +2 reaction)

HP: 13/13
AC: 6
Armor Spell: AC: 3 HP: 7

Gems & Jewelry:

Weapon Proficiencies: dagger, dart

Non weapon: Gaming,navigation,Herbalism,speak goblinoid,read/write,speak elvish


sash (to hold darts)
12 darts
High soft boots
large belt pouch
large sack
2 scroll case
2 wineskin
1 flask oil
1 flask greek fire
4 sheet parchment
1 vial ink
4 candle
1 week dry rations
small metal mirror
pair of dice
pair of loaded dice
deck of cards

Scroll of Flying & Scroll of Protection from Vermin

Color Spray
Magic Missile
Charm Person
Detect Magic
Burning Hands
Shocking Grasp
Wall of Fog

Melf's Acid Arrow
Ray of Enfeeblement
Stinking Cloud
Summon Swarm

Leomund's Tiny Hut
Lightning Bolt
Water Breathing

Memorized (red has been cast)
Color Spray
Magic Missile
Magic Missile
wall of fog


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